7 Best Heated Slippers for Warm Toes and Feet (updated Aug 2022)

I think you will agree that keeping your hands and feet warm can be a bit of a challenge at times.

While you can easily load up with extra layers of clothing on other parts of your body, adding layers to your feet and hands can quickly become impractical.

For instant heat, the best solution is to get a good pair of heated slippers. With instant and continuous heat, your cold feet issues will be solved!

In this article, we will look at 7 of the best heated slippers on the market to see how they compare.


Heated slippers are not all made the same. In fact, if you want warm feet while you walk around the house or go outside, you really need to pay attention to how the slippers are heated, and if they are intended for indoor or outdoor use.

A lot of the cheaper models are designed to stay plugged in all the time and work best when you are sitting at a desk or sitting still watching TV or working.

For the most versatility, you need a pair that carries their own battery or can retain heat while they are unplugged.

Comparison of a Few Top Heated Slippers

Type Price Range Our Rating
Volt Unisex $
Narwhal Footwarmers $
SMOKO Adorable Plush S'mores $
Volt Gen III $$
Volt Gen IV $$$
ObboMed® MF-2300 $
ValueRays® $

**Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews.

Heated Slipper Reviews

1) Volt Unisex Heated Slippers Review

The Volt Unisex Slippers have been around for a long time and are a very popular pair of heated slippers.

They are made from water-resistant nylon with rubber soles. The neck of the slippers is designed to keep the heat in and to keep the cold out.

Because of the tight fit, you normally need to order a larger size to be able to get them over your foot. This issue has been addressed with the latest Volt IV design.

When it comes to sizing, the manufacturer recommends

  • Small : Women size 5 or 6
  • Medium : Men size 6 to 7.5 or Women size 6.5 to 8
  • Large : Men size 8 to 9.5 or Women size 8.5 to 10
  • XL : Men size 10 to 11.5 or Women size 10.5 to 12
  • 2XL : Men size 12 to 13

Once fully charged, the slippers will keep your feet warm for up to 5 hours and generate a surprising amount of heat.

The remote has 4 heat settings that can be confusing at first. With 1 being the highest setting, and 4 being the lowest, many people initially get the settings back to front.

Because these slippers have built-in batteries, you can wear them around the house and outside. They are not designed for rugged environments but are fine for a trip to the mailbox or down the driveway.

Our Verdict: These are the original Volt design and may not be available in the long term. (At the time of writing, you can get a pair for around $30). A common complaint is that they are a tight fit and they can be quite hard to get on and off initially. However, they do wear in over time.

2) Narwhal Footwarmers Review

The Narwhal foot warmers are a really popular pair of fun slippers in the shape of a whale.

If the whale design doesn’t make you smile, the LED’s at the end of the tusks (on some models) will certainly make you laugh inside. The multicolor LED’s light up in one of 6 colors when the heating elements are turned on.

Finding the correct size is really easy because these slippers come in a one-size-fits-all design. Unless you wear a shoe size larger than a men’s 11, these will easily fit your feet. if you have bigger feet, you will need to look elsewhere.

The shoes are charges using a laptop or desktop computer USB port and can be disconnected when they have heated up. Once they have fully heated the residual warmth will keep your feet warm for about 15 to 30 minutes. Unlike the Volt design, these slippers don’t have built-in batteries, and once you disconnect from the power, the heating stops.

These slippers are only suitable for indoor use, and also not suitable for wet floors in bathrooms or kitchens. The fabric sole sucks up any moisture on the floor.

Our Verdict: A really practical and cute pair of indoor heated slippers. These make a great gift for a family member or friend that suffers from Raynaud’s Syndrome. They are not suitable for children as the one-size-fits-all design is aimed at the adult market.

3) SMOKO Adorable Plush S'mores Review

Another pair of cute heated slippers for wearing around the house.

These slippers are designed to be plugged in all the time and work best when you are seated at a desk or on a couch.

They do come with a long 57-inch cable that can be annoying if you try to move around with them still attached to the USB power source (computer or wall socket).

From a sizing point of view, the design is "one-size-fits-most".

In practical terms, these slippers will fit up to women’s size 12 and men’s size 11.

Our Verdict: A good pair of heated slippers if you are happy to still still while they are turned on. While the extended length cable does allow you to move around, the range of movement is restricted and if you forget you are plugged in, you can easily tear the plug out of your laptop or wall socket. (If you’re lucky, you won’t take the laptop with you)

4) Volt Gen III Heated Slippers Review

Volt recently replaced the Volt Generation III heated slippers with a redesigned Generation IV.

These heated slippers are made of nylon with a rubber sole. This means they can be worn inside or for light outdoor use. You don’t feel the pebbles or stones through the soles but they aren’t designed to take much moisture and wouldn’t be good in mud, rain or snow.

The manufacturer recommends:

  • Small : Women size 5 or 6
  • Medium : Men size 6 to 7.5 or Women size 6.5 to 8
  • Large : Men size 8 to 9.5 or Women size 8.5 to 10
  • XL : Men size 10 to 11.5 or Women size 10.5 to 12
  • 2XL : Men size 12 to 13

When it comes to size, the same issue as the Volt Unisex slippers applies. You need to order a size larger than you normally would. The problem is that the bottom of the show is the proper size – but the neck is tight to keep in the warm and keep out the cold. Getting these slippers over wide feet can be a problem. The neck does stretch over time and the slipper becomes easier to get on.

Each slipper has a self-contained 2,000mah rechargeable battery that will provide heat for between 3 and 10 hours. The controller has 4 heat settings. Obviously, the lower settings give a longer battery life but generate less heat.

Our Verdict: A good option if you are looking for slippers with built-in batteries and don’t want to spend the extra on the Generation IV model. The tight fit makes them hard to get on, but over time it does get easier. Having batteries means you can get up and move around without the hassle of attached power cords.

5) Volt Gen IV Heated Slippers Review

When Volt released Generation IV of these slippers they addressed one of the biggest complaints from their customers.

By installing a zipper down the side, the slippers are easy to get on and off than previous models. They also included a nylon tab in the heal to help pull them over your foot. We think both of these improvements have improved the slippers immensely.

They are still made of nylon with rubber soles that allow you to wear them inside and outside the house.

The slippers come with two batteries and a three-level heating controller. Even the lowest setting is cozy warm.

Our Verdict: This pair of slippers are more expensive than previous Volt models – but if you need the flexibility of moving around without being tethered to a power cord and the ease of a side zip, these are an excellent choice.

6) ObboMed® MF-2300 Heated Slippers Review

ObboMed® have heated slipper options that are powered using 5 Volt or 12 Volt power supplies.

The 5 volt option is really convenient if you want to plug them into your phone charger, laptop, home PC or a portable power pack.

The MF-2300 pair of slippers is powered by a 5 Volt USB connection running at 10 Watts. The supplied power adapter takes 10 to 15 minutes to warm up and the longer the heated slippers are left connected to the power supply, the warmer the slippers become.

The slippers can also be powered from a laptop, PC or a power bank. However, these typically provide only 5 watts of power and the slippers don’t get as warm.

If you need faster heating, you should consider the 12-volt MF2320 or MF2620 models which use 20 watts of power, and heat much quicker.

When it comes to sizing, there are two options:

  • M : US mens size 5 to 7.5 or women size 6.5 to 9
  • L : US mens size 8 to 11.5 or women size 9.5 to 13

Note : When ordering, check the last letter of the product code to see if you are ordering Large (L) or Medium (M) sizes.

When the slippers are unplugged, the heating stops and the internal heat dissipates within 10 minutes. Your only options are to use a portable power pack (with wires) or to consider other wireless options (eg the Volt range)

Our Verdict: A cheaper pair of slippers with several charging options (Make sure you check the model number for volts and size). The low powered options are slow to heat and dont hold their heat long when the power is removed.

7) ValueRays® Heated Slippers Review

These are definitely indoor slippers. While the ValueRays heated slippers have a slip-resistant sole, they are not designed to be worn outside in the yard or in the driveway.

Each slipper is powered by its own USB cord. This means you will need two USB ports or plugs to heat the slippers. It also means you will have two sets of wires to worry about and these work best when you are sitting at a computer or desk. Having two cords is not all bad news though – as the heat setting on each slipper can be disconnected or set independently.

Several owners have reported that the plastic heating switch gets overly hot (in as little as 15 minutes), with some owners being concerned that it could melt and be a fire hazard. The heating elements don’t have an automatic shutoff when they get up to heat.

Our advice is to make sure you unplug the slippers if you take them off your feet.

When it comes to sizing, the small-medium size is a snug fit for a size 9.5 shoe. if you like a looser fit, consider getting the large size for size 9 feet and above.

Our Verdict: The heat in the pastic housing is a concern for a lot of owners.

Things to look for when selecting heated slippers

Wired or Wireless

When you are looking at heated slippers you will sometimes see the term wireless (and less oftent he term wired).

A wireless pair of slippers come with a self-contained power supply. They don’t need trailing wires to connect to a power source. Normally the power is supplied by rechargeable batteries that can be stored in a pouch located on the slippers themselves.

The obvious advantage of a wireless pair of slippers is that you can move around the house without having to plug and unplug yourself all the time. Also, there are no annoying wires to trip over.

Personally, I never forgot the first time I tried to walk away from the laptop I was using as a USB power source. The plugs were unceremoniously pulled from the laptop – and I was extremely lucky that the laptop didn’t end up on the floor or damaged from the oversight.

Indoor / Outdoor

Some slippers come with rubber or reinforced soles and are suitable for light outdoor activities. If the soles are made of fabric, they tend to suck up dirt and moisture which can be difficult to clean off.

Power Source

Heated slippers can be powered by USB sockets or dedicated power adapters. 5 Volt USB powered slippers tend to have a low power usage and don’t get as hot as the slippers that run off 12 volt dedicated power packs.

One huge advantage of USB powered devices is that you can use a portable power bank (The type they use to recharge cell phones) to give you the flexibility of moving around when you are using a wired pair of slippers. You cant’ do this with a 12 volt paid of slippers.

You may consider plugging a 12-volt pair of slippers into a car cigarette lighter socket. This is incredibly dangerous and a huge NO-NO!. Especially if you are the driver. Having loose cabled that can accidentally wrap around the accelerator is an absolute death trap that must be avoided at all costs.

Microwave Slippers

If you can’t be bothered with batteries and power supplies, there is always the option of microwave slippers.

These slippers can be put on high in the microwave for a few minutes and provide residual heat to keep you feet and toes warm. While they are not as efficient, they may be worth considering.

Quick Reviews of a Few of Our Favorite Heated Slippers

Type Price Range Our Rating
Volt Unisex $
Narwhal Footwarmers $
SMOKO Adorable Plush S'mores $
Volt Gen III $$
Volt Gen IV $$$
ObboMed® MF-2300 $
ValueRays® $

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t matter which option you pick, the feeling of warm feet and toes can certainly brighten your day.

To make a decision, decide if you want wired or wireless slippers, and if you need to wear them outside at all.

Obviously, you will pay more for the flexibility of going outside without attached power cords. Remember that you can use a portable power pack with the USB models to give you true freedom and to allow you to recharge on the go.

If you want a good pair of fun slippers that give good warmth, we love the Narwhal Footwarmers with their colored LED on the nose. If you need something more serious, you can’t look past the Volt range with all their wireless options.

Do you have heated slippers or any heated slipper tips? Let us know how well they work for you in the comments below.


Image credits: Amazon.com