Lenz Heated Socks Reviews 2018 (Are they really worth the money?)

I think you’ll agree that when your toes get cold and start to hurt, the tingling can quickly turn into a pain that can become quite intense if you don’t do anything about it.

In fact, the feeling can be so strong that all you want to do is head indoors to sit beside a warm fire.

While you can easily leave a ski slope or get in from the cold, this is a serious problem for performance athletes and hunters who can’t drop everything and head inside. For them, it could be several hours before they can stop what they’re doing to get warm.

For people with Raynaud’s Syndrome, the cold can set in even without heading outside and getting warm again can be very difficult. Restricted blood vessels make Raynaud Disease sufferers susceptible to the cold with any change of temperature.

Lenz Heated Socks to the Rescue!

Lenz Products is an Austrian manufacturer that specializes in heated outdoors clothing. Their product lineup includes heat gloves, socks, and vests. Their products are recommended for skiers, snowboarders, hunters, ice fishing or anyone suffering from cold feet or toes.

Lenz produces a premium set of heated socks that have been selected by the Austrian Olympic Team for the next Winter Olympics.

Set of Lenz Heat Sock 3.0 Black, Small (3.5 - 6) And Battery Pack rcB 1200, 1520-11

Even though its a top of the range product, we think anything that’s good enough for a winter Olympic team has to be worth considering for the general public.

Without a doubt, preparation is the best way to avoid getting cold feet and toes. Heated socks can stop the cold setting in, and make your life so much more comfortable.


How to use Lenz Heated Socks

Heat Zones

When we first started looking at the Lenz heated socks, we incorrectly assumed that the numbers 1.0, 3.0 and 5.0 represented different generations or improvements to the sock design.

In most other products we review, the later numbers are normally better than the earlier iterations, and the previous models are slowly phased out. For example, when we reviewed the Volt Heated Slippers, the Gen IV design improved on the Gen III design by including a side zip to make the slippers easier to get on and off.

However, when it comes to Lenz heated socks, the number represents the different heating zones within the foot area of the sock and to indicate if the socks have a shin protector or not.

ModelFitShin ProtectorHeated Area
1.0StdYesBelow toe and ball of foot
1.0 Slim FitNarrow feetYesBelow toe and ball of foot
5.0StdYesComplete toe area (above and below)
5.0 Slim FitNorrow feetYesComplete toe area (above and below)
3.0StdNoBelow toe and ball of foot


The model 3.0 socks have a reduced volume design. This makes them suitable for both work and leisure. They are also the only design that’s available in green – making them ideal for hunting and forestry purposes.


Lenz heated socks are made from Merino wool. Merino wool is an ideal material for outdoor clothing. Its unique properties make the material comfortable to wear and less scratchy than woollen socks.

  • Excellent heating properties
  • Breathable
  • Highly elastic
  • Light
  • Fast drying

Because merino can still scratch and chafe when you wear it for long periods of time, the socks include an inside layer made from yarn that ensures the socks provide high durability and non-scratch comfort.

Lithium Packs

When it comes to power packs, Lenz has one of the most advanced batteries on the market. This proprietary battery design has been created to power all of the Lenz heating products (socks, bandages, vests, gloves, and soles). The ability to control the batteries remotely with a Bluetooth controller is a real innovation.

The battery pack is designed to clip into the top of the socks and to be tucked under the cuff at the top of the thigh.


heat socks - Lenz Heated Socks Reviews [y] (Are they really worth the money?)


With the Bluetooth app, you can turn the batteries on or off, and adjust the heat without having to untuck them or touch them throughout the day.

Just like the socks have numeric product codes, so do the battery packs.

The smallest battery is the LP700. It switches on as soon as it is plugged into the studs on the socks and has a single heat setting.

ModelCapacityHeat SettingsBluetooth Control
LP7001400mAh1 (always on)


The top of the range rcB1800 has three heat settings and can be controlled manually through the buttons built into the battery or by using the Bluetooth on your mobile phone.

Mobile App

If you decide to get the Bluetooth enabled batteries, a mobile app that is compatible with Apple and Android allows you to control the batteries through your mobile device.

The pro version of the app allows you to control two additional batteries (giving a total of four). This means you can control your socks and a vest or gloves at the same time.

apps - Lenz Heated Socks Reviews [y] (Are they really worth the money?)

Instead of having 3 fixed heating levels, the pro version of the app also gives you a slider that can set the power output to any fractional value within the heating range. Considering the batteries are capable of doing this without modification, the fact this functionality is not included in the free app doesn’t make sense to us.

We also don’t like the way you have to pay extra for the professional version. With socks as expensive as these, it seems a shame to charge extra for functionality that should be included in the base app. For the sake of the extra $5, we don’t understand why Lenz doesn’t include everything in the one version.

Lenz Heated Socks Reviews

Because these socks are made of Merino, they don’t cause chaffing or heal rub.

Even though you can feel the heating elements under the toes and ball of your feet you soon forget about them and don’t notice they’re there.

Most people find that the lowest heat setting provides sufficient heat for working or playing outdoors. For people that stand around in the snow, the second heat setting is enough of a boost to stop the cold from setting in while you’re waiting around.

Check out the following video from Aurora Braid. In her video, she checks the heated socks out and gives us feedback over several days of skiing:

The batteries clip into the cuff of the sock and it is well worth the extra time to make sure the battery is properly tucked in.

Unlike other sock heaters where the battery is at the rear of the cuff, the batteries on these socks are quite easy to knock or graze against other people in chairlift queues. However, the front placement is much better than other socks where batteries located at the rear get knocked off completely at the worst possible moment when you’re getting on and off the chairlift.

How long do Lenz Heated Socks stay warm?

As the battery packs get bigger, so do the heating times and the times to recharge the batteries.

While most people don’t use the low powered LP700 battery, the larger capacity batteries last between 3.5 and 20 hours. The heating times are dependant on the capacity of the battery and the heat setting being used.

LP1200 and rcB1200

  • approx 4 hours on high
  • 6 or 7 hours on medium
  • 10 to 14 hours on low


  • approx 6 hours on high
  • 9 to 11 hours on medium
  • 16 to 20 hours on low

You won’t find many other socks that can keep heating for 20 hours without being recharged. The heating time is simply phenomenal.

Lenz heated socks recharging times

The batteries take a reasonable amount of time to recharge. Once again this is dependant on the size of the battery pack.

  • LP1200 and rcB1200 : 5 to 7 hours
  • rcB1800 : 7 to 9 hours

Lenz heated socks 1.0 vs 3.0

The main difference between the 1.0 and 3.0 sock design is that the 3.0 design doesn’t include the built-in shin guard.

The 3.0 model is also the only design available in forest green and suitable for wearing around the home and office, as well as blending in for hunting or forestry work.

Lenz Heated Sock Alternatives

The Lenz heated socks are certainly a "premium" product that a lot of people may find difficult to justify the cost of.

If you fall into this category, there are plenty of high-quality alternatives that cost significantly less.

While lower cost options don’t include Bluetooth remote control options and don’t have as long a battery life, you may be prepared to forego these features to save a good chunk of your hard-earned cash.

For example, you can buy five or six pairs of the Global Vasion electric heated socks that stay warm for up to six hours for the same cost of a single set of Lenz 1.0 socks.

Another option are the Autocastle heated socks which heat for up to 6 hours with 3 heat settings and take standard AA size batteries.

Bottom line

Lenz heated socks are really good at keeping your feet warm and have exceptional heating times. You won’t find many other socks on the market that can heat for up to 20 hours on a single charge.

Lenz Set of Heat Socks 1.0 Black, Inklusive Lithium Pack RcB 1200 (EU/US), Size Large (8,5-10,5), 2017 Model, 1535-13
Set of Lenz Heat Sock 3.0 Black, Large (8.5-10.5) And Battery Pack rcB 1200, 1520-13
Set of Lenz Heat Sock 5.0 Toe Cap Black, Large (8,5 - 10,5) + Lithium Pack rcB 1200 - 2017 Model
Heated Socks 1.0
Heated Socks 3.0
Heated Socks 5.0
Shin Protector
Heat Area
Below toe and ball of foot
Below toe and ball of foot
Complete toe area
Heat below toe
Heat above toe
Heat below ball of foot
Lenz Set of Heat Socks 1.0 Black, Inklusive Lithium Pack RcB 1200 (EU/US), Size Large (8,5-10,5), 2017 Model, 1535-13
Heated Socks 1.0
Shin Protector
Heat Area
Below toe and ball of foot
Heat below toe
Heat above toe
Heat below ball of foot
Set of Lenz Heat Sock 3.0 Black, Large (8.5-10.5) And Battery Pack rcB 1200, 1520-13
Heated Socks 3.0
Shin Protector
Heat Area
Below toe and ball of foot
Heat below toe
Heat above toe
Heat below ball of foot
Set of Lenz Heat Sock 5.0 Toe Cap Black, Large (8,5 - 10,5) + Lithium Pack rcB 1200 - 2017 Model
Heated Socks 5.0
Shin Protector
Heat Area
Complete toe area
Heat below toe
Heat above toe
Heat below ball of foot

The price will put a lot of people off. But when you consider that the batteries can be controlled with a Bluetooth mobile phone and how long they stay warm, you quickly appreciate why they cost so much.

It’s entirely possible to buy the socks without batteries, and then to add an LP700 or LP1200 battery. While this will certainly save you a lot of money, it also completely negates one of the biggest benefits of getting these socks.

If cost is an issue, consider the Global Vasion or Autocastle heated socks for less than 20% of the price.

Lenz Heated Socks Pros and Cons


  • Bluetooth Remote Heat Control
  • Very Efficient
  • Long Battery Life


  • Relatively Expensive
  • Cost and Quality of Pro Mobile App



Image credits: LenzProducts.com and Amazon.com

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